Government Involvement in Thailand’s Human Resource Development

To promote the training and human resource development in certain high-value industries, BOI is giving extensive tax and non-tax incentives to qualified investors who contribute to human resource development. Find out under which conditions these can be obtained.

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Thailand International Business Center Promotion

Thailand has introduced a new promotion: the International Business Center. We have summarized below the allowed activities and requirements those who plan to apply for this promotions should be aware of and the incentives they are entitled to receive.

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Directors’ Duties and Liabilities

The directors of a private limited company are considered the lawful representatives of the company and, in performing their role, they are bounded by the same directors’ duties and liabilities, regardless of their nationality. We have summarized here their key duties.

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Reduction of Government Fees for Corporate Registration

Starting with 21st of April 2018, the government fees for the registration of a limited company and partnership are reduced to boost Thailand’s competitiveness. We have analyzed here which are these new fees and under which conditions they apply.

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