In addition to Social Security contributions, an employer is required to contribute a percentage of his employee’s annual remuneration to the Workmen’s Compensation Fund, which is administered by the Social Security Office. The objective of this fund is to insure employees against costs incurred by an injury, illness, disability, or death caused as a result or in the performance of their work.

The contribution amount ranges from 0.2 and 1% of the employee’s annual wages, depending on the employer’s risk classification, without exceeding 240,000 Baht per year. In the fifth year of employment, the employer’s contribution rate may increase or decrease depending upon his accident record.
The required contributions must be made by the end of January of every year. If the employer fails, he will be required to pay the outstanding contribution amount, as well as an additional penalty of 3% of the unpaid contribution per month of the deficiency.

The employer must pay the actual and necessary medical expenses, but must not exceed 50,000 Baht for normal cases, 100,000 Baht for serious injury, and 1 million Baht for two cases of injury or illness.

The work rehabilitation expenses after sustaining accident must be paid in full, without exceeding 24,000 Baht for medical and vocational rehabilitation and 40,000 Baht for treatment and surgery rehabilitation.

If the employee is unable to work due to an illness or injury, he is entitled to receive a compensation at the rate of 60 % of his monthly wages, without exceeding 12,000 Baht per month.
The employer shall not pay compensation to an employee who:
• Willfully causes himself suffering injuries or allows other person to cause him suffering injuries
• Was injured as a result of losing self-control due to taking alcoholic drink or becoming addicted

If the employee suffer a partial loss of organ, he is entitled to receive a monthly compensation at the rate of 60 % of his monthly wages for a period of maximum 10 years.

In case of disability resulted from work performance, the employee is entitled to receive a monthly compensation at the rate of 60% of monthly wage payable according to type of disability, without exceeding 15 years.

In the case of death, funeral expenses will be paid at an amount equal to 100 times the maximum rate of the daily wage prescribed by law and legal beneficiaries (parents, legitimate spouse, children under 18 years old) will receive the compensation for a period of 8 years.