Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration

|Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration

Companies that have a turnover in excess of 1.8 million Baht must also register for VAT with the Revenue Department before the registration of the business or within 30 days of the date the annual turnover exceeded that threshold.

The application must be submitted to Area Revenue (Branch) Offices. In case the taxpayer has multiple branches, the registration can be filed at the company’s headquarters.

Please note, Thai embassies and consulates request a copy of the company’s VAT registration when applying for a Non-Immigrant B Visa. Once a company needs to support a foreigner’s Visa and Work Permit, a VAT registration is needed in order to proceed.

A company is required to file monthly VAT reports from the day of registration, even if there are zero VAT invoices that month.
Companies are required to keep books and follow accounting procedures as specified. Supporting documents may be prepared in any language (with a Thai translation is attached).

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