Minimum Age for Employment

|Minimum Age for Employment

According to the Labor Protection Act, an employer shall not employ a child under 15 years of age. Workers below the age of 18 must not perform dangerous and hazardous jobs.

In case of employment of a young worker under 18 years of age, an employer must comply with the following:
• Notify the labor inspector within 15 days the young worker commences working
• Prepare a record of employment conditions in case a change takes place and kept it at the place of business or at the office of the employer, being available for inspection by a labor inspector during working hours
• Notify the labor inspector regarding the termination of employment within 7 days from the date the young worker has stopped working

An employer who hire a person under 15 years old or the age prescribed under the Ministerial Regulation, is subject to a fine between 400,000 – 800,000 Baht per employee or a maximum 2-year imprisonment, or both.

An employer who orders an employee under 18 years old to work in prohibited jobs or prohibited locations is subject to a fine between 400,000 – 800,000 Baht per employee, a maximum 2-year imprisonment, or both. If the offence causes the employee a physical, mental harm, or death, the maximum penalty is 4-year imprisonment and/or a fine between 800,000 – 2 million Baht per employee.

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