Within three months of the date of the Statutory Meeting and after a minimum of 25% of the par value of each subscribed share is paid, the company registration forms signed by the authorized director must be submitted together with the company registration fees to the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce.

The Articles of Association defining the specifics of the company, i.e. share structure and distribution, types of shares, voting rights, quorum, directors, dividends, auditors, dispute resolution mechanisms among shareholders and directors, and any other essential regulations and characteristics of the company, must also be submitted.

Filing of these documents completes in principle the company registration process. The registrar will examine the documents filled and, if they are in proper order, he will approve the registration of incorporation of the company and will issue the company’s Certificate of Registration and all supporting documents.

If the company’s directors don’t apply for the registration within the specified period, the company Statutory Meeting shall be voided and they must return all the money paid. In order to register again, the promoters shall arrange a new meeting for persons who reserve to buy the shares again.

Starting with 21st of April 2018, the official fee for registration of a private limited company is collected at a flat rate of 5,000 THB, as opposed to the previous official fee rates which were calculated based on the registered capital and varied from 5,000 to 25,000 THB.

If the company registration is made through the DBD’s electronic registration system (E-Registration), an additional reduction of 30% will apply. However, this reduction shall be effective until 31st of December 2020 and is not applying to the registration of limited companies in special ad hoc development zones.

The time required to register a private limited company can be as little as 2-3 working days, as long all the documents are in order.